Feature Papers of Forecasting 2021

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October 2022
196 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Feature Papers of Forecasting 2021 that was published in

Business & Economics
Computer Science & Mathematics
Environmental & Earth Sciences

This book focuses on fundamental and applied research on forecasting methods and analyses on how forecasting can affect a great number of fields, spanning from Computer Science, Engineering, and Economics and Business to natural sciences.

Forecasting applications are increasingly important because they allow for improving decision-making processes by providing useful insights about the future. Scientific research is giving unprecedented attention to forecasting applications, with a continuously growing number of articles about novel forecast approaches being published

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renewable energy sources; load forecasting; frequency regulation; artificial neural network; model predictive control; building energy management; forecast; neural network; SCADA; user comfort; tobacco endgame; policy; simulation model; tobacco tax revenue; information; combination; uncertainty; theta; temporal aggregation; bagging; sub-seasonal series; power outages; machine learning; thunderstorms; numerical weather prediction; battery energy storage system; battery sizing; photovoltaic power production; performance ratio; electrical load; decision tree; k-means clustering; load curve; unevenly spaced time series; long short-term memory (LSTM); back-propagation neural network (BPNN); machine learning; water consumption; Holt method; subsampling bootstrapped; harmony search algorithm; forecasting; ARCH-GARCH; model-free; aggregated forecasting; deep learning; Loop Current; ocean current forecasting; LSTM; ocean measurements; COVID-19; probabilistic graphical models; interpretable machine learning; n/a