High-Frequency Vacuum Electron Devices

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October 2022
176 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue High-Frequency Vacuum Electron Devices that was published in

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Vacuum electron devices at frequencies of millimeter waves and terahertz play highly important roles in the modern high-data rate and broadband communication systems, high-resolution detection and imaging, medical diagnostics, magnetically confined nuclear fusion, etc. For the fast motion velocity of electrons in the vacuum medium, they have the advantages of high power and high efficiency, as well as compactness, compared with other present radiation sources, such as solid-state devices.We established the Special Issue of “High-Frequency Vacuum Electron Devices” with the aim of enhancing the exchange of research information on the theory, design, simulation, processes, and development of these devices to promote their applications, and to attract young researchers and engineers starting out in this important field, which is still vital on the basis of modern electronic science and information technology.

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millimeter wave and terahertz; transmission line; DNP-NMR; vacuum electronics; corrugated horn; directional coupler; extended interaction klystron (EIK); high-order mode; sheet beam; multiple gap cavity; G-band; high output power; SEB; focusing system; electron optical system; meander-line; surface roughness; S-parameters; slow wave structure; traveling wave tube; deep learning (DL); machine learning (ML); microstrip meander line slow wave structure (MML-SWS); D-band; dyadic Green’s functions; inhomogeneous; multi-layered media; slow-wave structures; 2 × 2 amplifier unit; traveling wave tube (TWT); phase congruency; phased array radar (PAR); experimental test; multi-beam; over-mode; 340 GHz; TWT; Terahertz TWTs; sheet electron beam; PCM focusing; transmission of the sheet beam; vacuum electronic devices; TWT; E-band; wireless communication; cosine-vane; FWG; miniaturization; high-power microwave; relativistic klystron amplifier; high efficiency; multi-beam; beam-wave interaction; microstrip line; slow-wave structure (SWS); traveling-wave tube (TWT); Ka-band; vacuum transistors; Field-Assisted thermionic emission; carbon nanotubes; gate controllability; meander-line; phase-velocity jumping; thermal analysis; slow-wave structure; traveling wave tube; dual-band; Gyro-TWT; input coupler; coaxial cavity; Bragg reflector; n/a