Advances in Information Security and Privacy

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October 2022
344 pages
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With the recent pandemic emergency, many people are spending their days in smart working and have increased their use of digital resources for both work and entertainment. The result is that the amount of digital information handled online is dramatically increased, and we can observe a significant increase in the number of attacks, breaches, and hacks. This Special Issue aims to establish the state of the art in protecting information by mitigating information risks. This objective is reached by presenting both surveys on specific topics and original approaches and solutions to specific problems. In total, 16 papers have been published in this Special Issue.

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privacy preservation; Internet of vehicles (IoV); location-based services (LBS); location privacy; dummy location; effective distance; anonymity; confidentiality; blockchain privacy; privacy precision; smart contracts; cryptography; privacy attributes; privacy risks; integrity; database; database with the universal basis of relations; Clark–Wilson model; cloud computing; secure cloud infrastructure; application security; network security; host security; data security; Markov models; passwords; password analysis; password strength; password score; contact tracing; COVID-19 pandemic; security; privacy; mobile application; GDPR; personal data; delegation; notarization; blockchain; non-repudiation; data privacy; GDPR; heterogeneity; European Union; blockchain; Internet of Things; consensus algorithm; proof of work; proof of stake; stellar consensus protocol; online privacy invasions; personal information infringements; predicting judgments; predictive analytics; privacy act; network text analysis; security; security model; security measure; security evaluation; database; anonymous communication systems; Tor; Onion; censorship resistance; sign-cryption; unsign-cryption; cryptography module; IoT device; IoV; authentication; security; blockchain; privacy; network; latency; scalability; inner product encryption; decentralized inner product encryption; constant-size ciphertext; pseudorandom sequences; additive Fibonacci generator; statistical characteristics; cybersecurity; information security; n/a