Latest Advancements in Micro Nano Molding Technologies – Process Developments and Optimization, Materials, Applications, Key Enabling Technologies

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October 2022
150 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Latest Advancements in Micro Nano Molding Technologies – Process Developments and Optimization, Materials, Applications, Key Enabling Technologies that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
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Micro- and nano-molding technologies are continuously being developed due to enduring trends like increasing miniaturization and higher functional integration of products, devices, and systems. Furthermore, with the introduction of higher performance polymers, feedstocks, and composites, new opportunities in terms of material properties can be exploited, and, consequently, more micro-products and micro/nano-structured surfaces are currently being designed and manufactured.Innovations in micro- and nano-molding techniques are seen in the different processes employed in production (injection molding, micro injection molding, etc.); on the use of new and functional materials; for an ever-increasing number of applications (health-care devices, micro-implants, mobility, and communications products, optical elements, micro-electromechanical systems, sensors, etc.); in several key enabling technologies that support the successful realization of micro and nano molding processes (micro- and nano-tooling technologies, process monitoring techniques, micro- and nanometrology methods for quality control, simulation, etc.) and their integration into new manufacturing process chains.This Special Issue reprint showcases research papers and review articles that focus on the latest developments in micro-manufacturing and key enabling technologies for the production of both micro-products and micro-structured surfaces.

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demolding process; molecular dynamics simulation; polypropylene; injection molding; nanostructure; depth-to-width ratio; air-shielding electrochemical micro-machining; nozzle design; flow field; grey relational analysis; optimization; bistable mechanism; V-beam structure; compliant mechanism; microinjection molding; out-of-plane; silicon photonics; integrated optics; waveguide crossing design; multimode interference (MMI); sub-wavelength grating (SWG); multiplexing technology; optical aspheric surface; fast tool serve (FTS); machining error; optical performance; micro injection moulding; adiabatic heating; diesel effect; venting; film insert moulding; surface analysis; blister formation; simulation; semi-crystalline polymer; PLLA; thermoplastics; microdevice; direct-writing; additive manufacturing; injection molding; micro manufacturing; functionalization; modeling; micro-injection molding; micro replication; process simulation; silicon photonics; grating couplers; integrated waveguide devices; functional analysis; micro-injection moulding; machine design; process capability; n/a; n/a