Alloy Steels

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April 2018
330 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Alloy Steels that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
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Fe-Cr alloy; oxidation; sulfidation; H2S corrosion; stainless steel; severe plastic deformation; strength; ultrafine-grained materials; structure; segregation; electroslag remelting; dual alloy; transition zone; boron steels; austenite grain size; impact strength; fracture; tensile strength; high-speed steel; austenitizing temperature; cooling rate; carbides; martensite; duplex stainless steel; heat input; pitting corrosion; intergranular stress; stress corrosion cracking; mechanical properties; bainitic transformation; microstructure; property; Cr; Al; stainless steel; hydrogen embrittlement; hydrogen charging; G and σ phases; α′ martensite; H13 steel after tempering; thermodynamic calculation; carbides; precipitation strengthening; creep; degradation; welded joint; Cr-Mo-V steel; residual life; austenite hot work die steel; heat treatment; microstructure; mechanical properties; nitrogen; H2S concentration; corrosion; sour environment; API X100 steel; sulfide layer; friction stir weld; hyper duplex stainless steel; microstructure; mechanical properties; corrosion resistance; plowshares; wear; durability; martensitic steel; pearlitic steel; 35CrMo steel; dynamic recrystallization; work hardening; critical condition; current; structure; macrosegregation; electroslag remelting; dual alloy; transition zone; 304 austenitic stainless steel; UFG; mechanical experiment; micro deformation; fractograph; dislocations; niobium; non-metallic inclusion; heat treatment; interfacial reaction; modification; non-oriented electrical steels; chemical composition; thickness; microstructure; crystallographic texture; core losses; magnetic permeability; chromium; bainitic transformation; microstructure; mechanical properties; retained austenite; ODS steel; PM2000; oxide dispersion strengthened; welding; resistance welding; fuel cladding; sodium fast reactor; dynamical recrystallization; rare earth; 4Cr5MoSiV1 die steel; carbides evolution; tensile strength; elongation rate; TWIP steel; resistance spot welding; weld current; microstructure; mechanical properties; fractography; n/a