Forests for a Better Future Sustainability, Innovation and Interdisciplinarity

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August 2022
312 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Forests for a Better Future: Sustainability, Innovation and Interdisciplinarity that was published in

Biology & Life Sciences
Environmental & Earth Sciences

This book highlights the role of research in innovation and sustainability in the forest sector. The contributions included fall within the broad thematic areas of forest science and cover crucial topics such as biocontrol, forest fire risk, harvesting and logging practices, quantitative and qualitative assessments of forest products, urban forests, and wood treatments—topics that have also been addressed from an interdisciplinary perspective. The contributions also have practical applications, as they deal with the ecological and economic importance of forests and new technologies for the conservation, monitoring, and improvement of services and forest value.

  • Hardback
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physical activity; mental health; landscape metrics; hierarchical multiple regression; round wood transport; wood supply chain; transport work optimization; sawlogs deliveries; sawlogs sourcing; small-diameter tree; forest biomass; multi-tree felling head; time study; harvesting cost; tree plantations; growth equations; rotation length; growth rates; poplar productivity; energy chain; residual biomass; isochronous rings; travel time; transport cost; UAV; VOC; drone sensor; semiconductor metal oxide gas sensors; alpha pinene; log properties; stack volume; solid wood content; roundwood measurement; wood modification; mechanical properties; physical properties; anti shrinkage efficiency; colour; Cameroon; biomass; poplar; SRC; thermal energy; life cycle assessment; GWP; wood energy supply chain; Lomatia hirsuta; Patagonia; pioneer tree species; stump shoots; quality wood; trunk analysis; stability of stands; Capreolus capreolus; ungulate; urban forests; human disturbances; daily activity; moon phases; disturbances; wildfires; natural and technogenic ecosystems; permafrost; thermal anomaly; soil; numerical simulation; remote sensing; Siberia; mean lifetime; natural forest; survival analysis; tree age distribution; bark structure; Pinus sylvestris; forward selection; bark types; urban forests; forest therapy; urban environment; sensory gardens; wellbeing; social inclusion; recreational development; universal design; urban green areas; therapeutic space; deep learning; remote sensing; tree species; classification; Scots pine; tree-ring; air pollution; growth reduction; climate change; Poland; climate change mitigation; forest restoration; forest biomass estimation; standing and lying dead wood; variogram model; kriging regression; Botryosphaeriaceae; biocontrol; pine bark extracts; Trichoderma citrinoviride; VOCs; lytic enzymes; fire ignition; fire hazard; QGIS; InVEST; NDVI; S2 NDWI; risk; n/a

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