Delivery of Molecules Using Nanoscale Systems for Cancer Treatment and/or Diagnosis

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August 2022
302 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Delivery of Molecules Using Nanoscale Systems for Cancer Treatment and/or Diagnosis that was published in

Biology & Life Sciences
Chemistry & Materials Science
Medicine & Pharmacology

This book focuses on how nanoscale systems can be used to deliver molecules to help with cancer management. It provides a broad overview of some of the key strategies for nanocarrier design. These strategies are brought together by the wide compositional variety of these systems and the diversity of molecules that may be carried. Additionally, functionalization strategies, codelivery, and combination with other treatment modalities highlight a very active research field.

  • Hardback
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nanostructured lipid carriers; doxorubicin; mucositis; cell internalization; albumin; BSA; CPP; gold nanorods; gold nanoprisms; arginine-rich peptide; glutathione; nanoparticles; oxidative stress; doxorubicin; breast cancer; gastric cancer; nanoparticle; fucoidan; d-alpha-tocopherylpoly (ethylene glycol) succinate; combination chemotherapy; G-quadruplex; nucleolin; DNA nanocages; intracellular localization; cancer targeting; molecular dynamics simulations; mesoporous silica nanoparticles; radiotherapy; immunotherapy; tumor microenvironment; abscopal effect; magnetofection in vivo; magnetic nanoparticles; iron oxide; gene delivery; gene vectors; codelivery nanocarriers; photodynamic therapy; anticancer therapies; combination therapy; phthalocyanine; uterine cervical neoplasms; photochemotherapy; in vitro; in vivo; nanocarrier; polyplexes; siRNA delivery; glioblastoma therapy; amphiphilic poly(α)glutamate; P-selectin; prodrug; albumin; drug delivery; targeted therapy; chemotherapy; prostate cancer; nanoparticles; nanostructured lipid carriers; prostate-specific membrane antigen; targeted delivery; encapsulation; cabazitaxel; nanocarriers; nanosystems; chemotherapy; radiotherapy; radiosensitizer; abscopal effect; hypoxia; synergism; cancer; photothermal therapy; photodynamic therapy; combined antitumor effect; oxygenation; hydrogel; hypoxic tumor; n/a

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