Remote Sensing and Geosciences for Archaeology

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April 2018
446 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Remote Sensing and Geosciences for Archaeology that was published in

Environmental & Earth Sciences
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enhancement; fusion; ground spectroscopy; ground-penetrating radar (GPR); GeoEye; geophysics; remote sensing archaeology; Neolithic Thessaly; geophysical prospection; integrated approaches; enclosures; settlement patterns; remote sensing; Pleiadés Satellite Images; stereo-pair; matching; DEM; GIS; archaeology; archaeological prospection; remote sensing; data integration; condition assessment; aerial archaeology; aerial photography; aerial reconnaissance; airborne imaging spectroscopy; archaeological record; archaeological theory; bias; landscape archaeology; multispectral imaging; survey bias; piezoelectric/seismoelectric anomalies; subsurface geophysics; archaeology; quantitative analysis; interpretation methodology; digital heritage; knowledge representation; 3D survey; data integration; GIS; 4D reconstruction; medieval archeology; photogrammetry; 3D survey; ontology; stratigraphic analysis; Harris matrix; temporal relations; Worldview-3; Worldview-2; CORONA; magnetometer; ground penetrating radar; Nile Delta; Egypt; endangered cultural heritage; remote sensing; large dataset; crowd-sourcing information; condition assessment; real-time processing; Syria; Iraq; conflict; Nimrud; Palmyra; Mosul; point cloud; data fusion; laser scanning; dense image-matching; feature extraction; classification; knowledge integration; cultural heritage; ontology; remote sensing; change detection; archaeology; LANDSAT; digital cultural resources management; looting; remote sensing archaeology; image analysis; satellite data; Cyprus; archaeology; cultural heritage; Middle East; North Africa; remote sensing; Terrestrial Laser Scanning; orthoimage; heritage; remote sensing; preservation; archaeology; Geoarchaeology; Geophysics; Archaeological Interpretation; Roman; Navarre; storm surge; cultural traces; German Wadden Sea; intertidal flats; synthetic aperture radar; TerraSAR-X; St. Marcellus Flood; Burchardi Flood; nasca lines; UAVSAR; Sentinel-1; SAR interferometry (InSAR); disturbance; world heritage; archaeology; paracas; heritage management; pampas; geoglyphs; Cilicia; Seyhan; Ceyhan; Puruna; avulsion; TanDEM-X; CORONA; remote sensing; archaeology; remote sensing; direct detection; GIS mapping; Caribbean archaeology; landscape archaeology; remote sensing; landscape archaeology; pattern extraction; archaeological linear structures; centuriation; cadaster; remote sensing; optical; SAR; geophysics; terrestrial laser scanning; point cloud; GIS; archaeological prospection; pattern recognition; condition assessment