Selected Papers from the 8th International Conference of Biotechnologies, Present and Perspectives

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August 2022
190 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Selected Papers from the 8th International Conference of Biotechnologies, Present and Perspectives that was published in

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The Special Issue reprint presents the latest developments in the food industry field, with a specific focus on the biotechnological processes that take place in various branches of the food industry, which have major implications in determining the overall quality of food products. This Special Issue capitalizes the experience of the authors in the latest advancements and future trends in biotechnologies from the food industry, applied engineering sciences, food product quality, food safety, environment protection, and equipment for the food industry.

  • Hardback
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common wheat; vinification by-product; texture; dough rheology; physico-chemical properties; sorghum flour; roasting; proximate composition; functional properties; particle size; FT-IR spectra; amaranth flour; bread characteristics; dough rheology; particle size; wheat flour; trans-resveratrol; post-pruning storage; total phenolic content; antioxidant activity; plant growth regulators; plant properties; biochemical compounds; mineral compounds; crop quality; bakery margarine; fatty acids; fracturability; color; PCA; vegetable ice cream; dietary fibers; sensorial properties; rheological properties; baby water; potentially toxic elements; health risk assessment; water quality; amaranth seed; extraction; polyphenols; fatty acids; amino acids; apple chips; drying; physico-chemical characteristics; sensory analysis; corn; deoxynivalenol; food; fumonisins; mycotoxins; zearalenone; hempseed oil; bread; dough; rheological properties; textural properties; n/a