Feature Papers in Eng

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August 2022
236 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Feature Papers in Eng that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science

This Special Issue is a collection of high-quality reviews and original papers from editorial board members, guest editors, and leading researchers discussing new knowledge or new cutting-edge developments in the field of engineering.

  • Hardback
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hydrofoil optimization; NSGA-II; CFD; XFOIL; NACA 63815; bezier curve; ultrasound application; glass bottles; fruit juice; foam drainage; foaming behavior; martensitic phase transformation (MPT); grain misorientation (GMO); surface roughening (Ra); grain size (Dg); solid oxide fuel cell; computational fluid dynamics; sensitivity analysis; optimization; sand retention test; sand control devices; sand production; sand replication; SAGD; probabilistic risk assessment; multi-hazards; nuclear safety; dry-cured ham; food-grade chemical; coating; mechanical performance characteristics; chemical treatment; ham nets; pest management; mechanical test; mesh fabric; artificial magnetic conductor (AMC); specific absorption rate (SAR); coplanar waveguide (CPW) antenna; magneto-dielectric (MD); mobile phones; wireless communications; optical multi-band systems; physical layer modeling; fiber-optic communications; commercially available components; planar transformer; eco-design; environmental impact evaluation; product efficiency; DC-DC converter; dual active bridge (DAB); life cycle optimization; fuel optimization; low cost HEV; optimum hybridization; bubble nucleation; gas-liquid systems; supersaturation; step-down pressure; Fick’s second law diffusion; characteristic time; Q factor; damping model; transitional flow regime; viscous flow regime; MEMS oscillator; bending modes; zirconium phosphate; titanium phosphate; nanolayered phosphates; nanofibrous titanium phosphate; chemical synthesis; crystal structure; technological applications; drug delivery; biomedical applications; n/a