Computational Intelligence Application in Electrical Engineering

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July 2022
174 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Computational Intelligence Application in Electrical Engineering that was published in

Computer Science & Mathematics
Physical Sciences

The Special Issue "Computational Intelligence Application in Electrical Engineering" deals with the application of computational intelligence techniques in various areas of electrical engineering. The topics of computational intelligence applications in smart power grid optimization, power distribution system protection, and electrical machine design and control optimization are presented in the Special Issue. The co-simulation approach to metaheuristic optimization methods and simulation tools for a power system analysis are also presented. The main computational intelligence techniques, evolutionary optimization, fuzzy inference system, and an artificial neural network are used in the research presented in the Special Issue. The articles published in this issue present the recent trends in computational intelligence applications in the areas of electrical engineering.

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active distribution network; computational intelligence; optimization algorithms; optimal distribution system management; optimal Smart Grid management; advanced distribution system optimization; renewable distributed generation; Smart Grid optimization; co-simulation; computational intelligence techniques; distributed generation; optimal allocation and control; power system protection; overcurrent relays; protection relays; metaheuristic; school-based optimizer; electric markets; photovoltaic generation; Monte Carlo simulations; power flow; S-iteration process; Newton–Raphson; high order newton-like method; computational efficiency; line-start synchronous motor; efficiency factor; power factor; optometric analysis; transient models; induction machine; ant colony optimization; predictive current control; fuzzy logic control; Takagi–Sugeno; n/a