Recent Advances in Social Data and Artificial Intelligence 2019

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July 2022
498 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Recent Advances in Social Data and Artificial Intelligence 2019 that was published in

Biology & Life Sciences
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The importance and usefulness of subjects and topics involving social data and artificial intelligence are becoming widely recognized. This book contains  invited review, expository, and original research articles dealing with, and presenting state-of-the-art accounts pf, the recent advances in the subjects of social data and artificial intelligence, and potentially their links to Cyberspace.

  • Hardback
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centrality metric; graph visualisation; visual analytics; data processing; social network; stock market; community detection; complex networks; Hadoop; modularity increment; geometric analysis; lidar scanning signal; micro-distortion; detection technology; TCD1209DG; lossless signal transmission; person re-identification; multiple granularity features; Siamese Multiple Granularity Network; multi-channel weighted fusion loss; social network; temporal links prediction; gravity model; multilayer network; multilayer network; community detection; label propagation algorithm; H-index; automatic speech recognition; speech corpus; text corpus; data acquisition; multi-layer neural network; natural language processing; markov switching; breakpoint test; crude oil price; structural change; artificial intelligence; ice-snow tourism; sustainable development; Python; text mining; pancreatic cancer; twin support vector machine; linear kernel; polynomial kernel; RBF kernel; cryptography; RSA cryptosystem; RSA cryptanalysis; partial key exposure attack; social network simulation; ABMS; Spark; two-tier partition algorithm; visual style; context-aware; preference analysis; fashion recommendation; Facebook advertising post; social media marketing; text mining; recommendation system; topic model; post engagement; artificial intelligence; blockchain; client/server; electronic health records; health information management; privacy; security; innovation; business; machine learning; decision tree; predictive analytics; social data science; contingencies; asymmetry; tele-education; digitalization; ICT infrastructure; digital teacher training; replace face-to-face education; telemedicine; technology acceptance; robust partial least squares path modeling; data-mining techniques; data-discretization methods; feature-selection methods; industry data applications; advanced multicomponential discretization models; social networks; behavior analysis; social behavior; social networking satisfaction; data science; DBLP platform; Twitter; deep reinforcement learning; machine learning; recommendation system; keyphrase extraction; unsupervised method; feature selection; recommendation system; weighted non-negative matrix factorization; hierarchical information; tag information; deep factorization; combinatorial optimization problem; heuristics method; nature-inspired algorithm; NP-hard problem; plant root; healthcare data; data management; digital services; cybernetics; symmetrical designing; overlapping community discovery; gravitational degree; greedy strategy; two expansions; cloud computing; color revolution operator; imperialist competitive algorithm; quality of service; service composition; service time-cost