Security and Privacy in Wireless and Mobile Networks

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April 2018
172 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Security and Privacy in Wireless and Mobile Networks that was published in

Computer Science & Mathematics
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smart home; privacy; FATS attack; supervised learning; virtual environment; participation; privacy; sense of community; cross-cultural psychology; social psychology; online behavioural advertising; opportunistic networks; mobile networks; privacy; privacy-preserving advertising; security; mobile devices; digital natives; security awareness; security experts; user behavior; education; advertising; click report; fraud prevention; mobile networks; privacy-preserving advertising; mobile WSN; security; watchdog node; Sybil attack; grouping-proof; anonymous; elliptic curve cryptography; intrusion detection; collaborative network; on–off attack; challenge-based mechanism; trust computation and management; online social network; push notification; privacy; n/a