Reconfigurable Antennas

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May 2022
168 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Reconfigurable Antennas that was published in

Computer Science & Mathematics
Physical Sciences

In this new book, we present a collection of the advanced developments in reconfigurable antennas and metasurfaces. It begins with a review of reconfigurability technologies, and proceeds to the presentation of a series of reconfigurable antennas, UWB MIMO antennas and reconfigurable arrays. Then, reconfigurable metasurfaces are introduced and the latest advances are presented and discussed.

  • Hardback
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reconfigurable antenna; smartphone; slot antenna; sub-6G; band rejected; envelope correlation co-efficient; four element MIMO; polarization diversity; ultra-wideband multiple input multiple output; antenna array; aperiodic array; full wave analysis; particle swarm optimization; reconfigurable antenna arrays; solid state switches; RF switching; magnetic particles; magnetostatic responsive structures (MRSs); wideband reconfigurable antennas; new feeding techniques; dual polarization; multifrequency antennas; supershape; reconfigurable antennas; surface wave array antenna; metasurface ground plane; low-profile; square-ring antennas; van Atta reflector; RCS reduction; structural mode scattering; metasurfaces; polarization reconfigurability; leaky waves; combo-reconfigurable; frequency and radiation pattern; 5G; millimeter waves; mobile communication; flexible antennas; frequency reconfigurable; microfluidic antennas; pattern reconfigurable; polarization reconfigurable; reconfigurable antennas; wearable antennas; active FSS; C-band; frequency-selective surface (FSS); spatial filters; switchable; X-band; smart devices; reconfigurable antennas; antenna boosters; multiband antennas; small antennas; wireless devices; matching networks; digitally tunable capacitors; RF switching; n/a