Advanced Operation and Maintenance in Solar Plants, Wind Farms and Microgrids

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April 2022
366 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Advanced Operation and Maintenance in Solar Plants, Wind Farms and Microgrids that was published in

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This reprint presents advances in operation and maintenance in solar plants, wind farms and microgrids. This compendium of scientific articles will help clarify the current advances in this subject, so it is expected that it will please the reader.

  • Hardback
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wind turbine; electric generator; spectral analysis; fault diagnosis; photovoltaic power forecasting; data-driven; deep learning; variational autoencoders; RNN; angle swinging; grid frequency oscillations; electromechanical system; inertial masses; microgrids; coordination protection; distributed generation; photovoltaic resources; DigSILENT; photovoltaic module; defect detection; power plant; efficiency; thermal image; photovoltaic aging; dark I-V curves; bidirectional power inverter; online distributed measurement of dark I-V curves; sustainability; compressive strength; Bolomey formula; sustainable concrete; glass powder; solar cell; solar panel; parameter extraction; analytical; Lambert W-function; spacecraft solar panels; I-V curve; modeling; wind power; non-conventional renewable energy; forecasting; energy bands; combinatorial optimization; deep learning (DL); unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV); photovoltaic (PV) systems; image-processing; image segmentation; semantic segmentation; wind turbine; faults diagnostic; artificial intelligence; unbalanced datasets; synthetic data; artificial neural network based MPPT; hybrid boost converter; renewable energies; solar power system; microgrid; control system; storage system; wind turbine; primary control; deep learning (DL); unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV); photovoltaic (PV) plants; semantic segmentation; coverage path planning (CPP); corrosion monitoring; FPGA; offshore wind turbines; ultrasound; thickness loss; SCADA; visualisation; software; wind-turbine; windfarm; cross-platform; HMI; GUI; corrosion; monitoring; photovoltaic systems; expected energy models; fleet-scale; lasso regression; performance modeling; machine learning; fault location in photovoltaic arrays; failure modes simulation; fault detection criterion; adaptive protection; distributed power generation; power distribution; power system protection