Antimicrobial Materials with Medical Applications

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April 2022
288 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Antimicrobial Materials with Medical Applications that was published in

Biology & Life Sciences
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Medicine & Pharmacology

This Special Issue of the International Journal of Molecular Science comprises a comprehensive study on “Antimicrobial Materials with Medical Applications”. The Special Issue has been inspired by the great progress made in the development of new antimicrobial materials that go beyond the resistance of microbes to modern antibiotics. It covers a selection of recent research and review articles in the field of antimicrobial materials and their medical applications. Moreover, it also provides an overview of this increasingly diverse field, presenting recent developments and the latest research, with particular emphasis on new antimicrobial surfaces, medical devices, contact lens, package materials, etc.

  • Hardback
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bisdemethoxycurcumin; curcumin; curcuminoid; demethoxycurcumin; photodynamic inactivation; Staphylococcus aureus; Staphylococcus epidermis; prosthetic joint infection; fracture-related infection; bone graft substitute; revision arthroplasty; local antibiotic; antimicrobial activity; oxo-titanium(IV) complexes; polymer-inorganic composites; physicochemical properties; thermal properties; multi-functionalized cellulose microfibers; controlled release; wound dressing; antimicrobial activity; antioxidant activity; sericin; AgNPs; ZnO; antimicrobial activity; green synthesis; cavity disinfection; antimicrobial substances; chlorhexidine; adhesion; bonding; dental caries; green synthesis; Cr2O3; Abutilon indicum (L.) Sweet; antibacterial; anticancer; antioxidant; biocompatibility; metallic nanoparticles; silver; gold; synthesis; characterization; surface reactivity; stability; antibacterial activity; Escherichia coli; Staphylococcus aureus; multidrug resistant bacteria; silver nanoparticles; oregano leaves’ extract; antimicrobial materials; hydrogels; contact lens; plasma electrolytic oxidation; additive manufacturing; titanium bone implants; antibacterial biomaterials; surface biofunctionalization; implant-associated infection; cavity disinfectants; primary teeth; adhesion; bond strength; face shield; facial protective equipment; SARS-CoV-2; phage phi 6; MRSA; MRSE; polyethylene terephthalate; benzalkonium chloride; COVID-19; multidrug-resistant bacteria; bioreduction; biocapping agent; bionanofactories; biomedical; green synthesis; silver nanoparticles; n/a

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