Trends and Prospects in Geotechnics

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April 2022
246 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Trends and Prospects in Geotechnics that was published in

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The Special Issue book presents some works considered innovative in the field of geotechnics and whose practical application may occur in the near future. This collection of twelve papers, in addition to their scientific merit, addresses some of the current and future challenges in geotechnics. The published papers cover a wide range of emerging topics with a specific focus on the research, design, construction, and performance of geotechnical works. These works are expected to inspire the development of geotechnics, contributing to the future construction of more resilient and sustainable geotechnical structures.

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ground improvement; earth reinforcement; geotextiles; numerical analysis; spatial TDR; moisture content; soil suction; SWRC; transient flow; excess pore water pressure; pond filling rates; upstream tailings dam; numerical analysis; AdaBoost; support vector machine; k-nearest neighbor; random forest; rockfill materials; shear strength; cement-treated soil; cellulose nanofibre; strength; permeability; sulfate-bearing soil; ettringite; soil stabilization; gypseous soil; calcium-based stabilizer; non-calcium-based stabilizer; biopolymer; soil stabilisation xanthan gum; sandy soil; cement; soil contamination; oil field; SEM; treatment; soil-cement mixtures; fibers; mechanical properties; machine learning; artificial neural networks; soil improvement; multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs); unconfined compressive strength tests; surfactant; quality control; quality assurance; deep mixing method; cemented iron ore tailings behaviour; filtered tailings stacking; Portland cement; compaction; n/a