Understanding Muslim Mobilities and Gender

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February 2018
242 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Understanding Muslim Mobilities and Gender that was published in

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Hajj; women’s issues; migration; pilgrimage; refugees; international regimes; women; space; place; Palestinian Muslim; identity; mobility; Israel; Iran; America; immigration; Muslim; filicide; gender; identity; mobility; Islamophobia; homophobia; conflict cinema; documentary film; mobility; Kashmir; gender; Barad; corporeality; shame; phenomenology; intra-action; diffraction; Islam; Morocco; ethnography; embodiment; Muslim marriages; Shia Islam; sofra; lieux de mémoire; collective memory; gender; moralities; mobilities; othering; Indonesian Muslims; Arab Others; social identity; Islamization; authenticity; career intentions; Emirati; gender; medical students; mobility; Muslim; Qatar; gender; space; tradition; modernization; globalization; women; agency; mobility; transformation; transnationalism; second generation; Muslim Americans; being; belonging; social fields; Muslim; immigrant children; gender norm; identity; n/a