Multimedia Cartography

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April 2022
282 pages
  • ISBN978-3-0365-3680-4 (Hardback)
  • ISBN978-3-0365-3679-8 (PDF)

This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Multimedia Cartography that was published in

Computer Science & Mathematics
Environmental & Earth Sciences

We present three main research fields in which multimedia cartography and the study of the effectiveness of multimedia maps are currently taking place. In each of these fields, we describe how published research is embedded in the broader context of map design and user studies. The research refers to contemporary technological trends such as web HTML5 standards, virtual reality, eye tracking, or 3D printing. Efficiency, performance, and usability studies of multimedia maps were also included. The research published in this issue is interdisciplinary. They combine traditional mapping methods with new technologies. They are searching for new places for cartography in, e.g., the environment of computer games. They combine the design of the map with its perception by users.

  • Hardback
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cartographic design; animated map; people gathering presentation; orthophoto; dot distribution map; buffer map; drone image; expert opinion; objective effectiveness; multiperspective cartographic visualization; usefulness of visualizations; pedestrian tracks; complementary visualizations; time–spatial behavior; space–time paths; trajectories; set of visualizations; sightseeing spot recommendation system; social networking service (SNS); web-geographic information systems (GIS); recommendation system; visiting frequency; sightseeing spot information; multimedia cartography; web map; graphical user interface; eye-tracking; UI/UX; freeway junction; topographic maps from the 19th century; interactive web map; Leaflet; GeoJSON; dashboard; eye-tracking; spatiotemporal analysis; usability; evaluation of cartographic multimedia; expert opinion; gamer opinion; immersion way; graphical enrichment; medieval stronghold; virtual reality; design process; historico-geographical space; cultural heritage; engineering education; image stitching; information technology; multimedia; panorama; thematic map; mapping techniques transformation; land use; UAV; geometric representation; pedestrian; chorochromatic maps; dot map; heat map; mini-map; virtual stronghold; walking; teleportation; multimedia cartography; medium effectiveness; Unity; topographical space; gamer; gameplay; eye tracking; 3D printing; topography; terrain; elevation; geoscience education; web; Python; Earth Engine; open source; web map; effectiveness; responsive GUI; multimedia cartography; GUI effectiveness index; eye tracking; animated map; eye tracking; road map; route memorizing; cartography; effectiveness; multimedia cartography; choropleth map animation; local outliers; generalization; multimedia; cartography; animation; spatial visualization; multimedia cartographic product; medium efficiency; medium attractiveness

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