Graphene and Other 2D Layered Nanomaterials and Hybrid Structures: Synthesis, Properties and Applications

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March 2022
182 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Graphene and Other 2D Layered Nanomaterials and Hybrid Structures: Synthesis, Properties and Applications that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
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ResearchGate academic profile and social networking site for researchers: "Graphene, one of the most interesting and versatile materials of modern times, is recognized for its unique properties, which are strongly different from its bulk counterpart. This discovery has recently stimulated research on other two-dimensional (2D) systems, all consisting of a single layer of atoms. Two-dimensional materials have also emerged as major candidates for use in next-generation applications as a result of the rapid discovery of their any properties. In this Special Issue, we have collected a few recent studies that examine some of these new areas of work in the field of 2D materials."

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monolayer WS2; ZnO; CVD; controlled growth; multilayer graphene; synthetic strategies; arc-discharge plasma; semi-opened environment; nanoporous carbon surface; electronic structure; emission properties; work function; potassium atoms; charge transfer; electro-Fenton; graphene; oxygen reduction reaction; advanced oxidation; hydrogen peroxide; graphene; electrochemical exfoliation method; 3YTZP; ceramic nanocomposites; planetary ball milling; SPS; Raman spectroscopy; electron microscopy; Vickers indentations; layered double hydroxide; nanomaterials; forced hydrolysis; polyol; dye removal; adsorption; anionic exchange; intercalation; graphene; direct plasma synthesis; microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition; graphene; functionalized graphene; thiol-ene click reaction; dispersible graphene; graphene oxide; chitosan; adsorbent; adsorption; environmental contaminants; magnetic adsorbents; 3D graphene; cyclodextrins; heavy metal ions; dyes; borocarbonitride; TiO2-BCN heterostructures; water splitting; photoelectrocatalysis; X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy; graphene analogues; hybrid structures; n/a