Technologies of Personalized Medicine

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March 2022
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Atherosclerosis: Technologies of Personalized Medicine that was published in

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The first national conference with international participation, “Fundamental aspects of atherosclerosis: scientific research for improving the technologies of personalized medicine”, was held in Novosibirsk on 15 October, 2021. The purpose of this conference was to disseminate the latest basic and clinical findings in the fields of etiology, clinical characteristics, and modern diagnostics and treatments of atherosclerosis among various relevant specialists. The conference was intended for practicing cardiologists, primary care physicians, medical geneticists, and physician–scientists. The conference included plenary sessions, specialty sessions, satellite symposia, an open competition for young scientists.

  • Hardback
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metalloproteinases; calcification; atherosclerosis; multiplex assay; coronary heart disease; aspirin; resistance; non-sensitivity; antiplatelet; atherosclerosis; light transmission aggregometry; Plateletworks®; familial hypercholesterolemia; targeted sequencing technologies; multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification; LDLR; APOB; ABCG5; APOC3; LPL; SREBF1; rare variants; coronary atherosclerosis; ischemic heart disease; saturated fatty acids; monounsaturated fatty acids; polyunsaturated fatty acids; oxidative stress; superoxide dismutase; catalase; glutathione peroxidase; familial hypercholesterolemia; cumulative LDL-C level; prognosis; DNA methylation; epigenetic age; myocardial infarction; acute coronary syndrome; population; nested case-control; HAPIEE project; HAPIEE study; atrial fibrillation; atherosclerosis; arterial hypertension; obesity; diabetes mellitus; aging; determinants; prevalence; Russian population cohort; Cox regression analysis; adiponectin; leptin; interleukin-6; epicardial adipose tissue; perivascular adipose tissue; circulating biochemical markers; coronary atherosclerosis presence and severity; integrated biomarker (i-BIO); validation; visual markers; lipoprotein(a); immune cells blood count; coronary heart disease; n/a