Neuroendocrine Control of Energy Metabolism

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March 2022
240 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Neuroendocrine Control of Energy Metabolism that was published in

Biology & Life Sciences

The control of energy metabolism is a central event for cell, organ, and organism survival. There are many control levels in energy metabolism, although in this Special Issue, we concentrated on the neuroendocrine control which is operated through specialized neural circuits controlling both food intake and energy expenditure. Due to the explosion of obesity and associated diseases, the subject of this Special Issue is of particular interest today.


  • Hardback
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IGF1; IGF2; IGFBP2; high-fat diet; obesity; sex differences; neuropeptides; beige adipocyte; white adipocyte; brown adipocyte; obesity; diabetes mellitus; differentiation; kisspeptin; AgRP; sheep; reproduction; LH; genistein; proopiomelanocortin; arcuate nucleus; sex differences; rats; endocrine disrupting chemicals; bisphenol A; diethylstilbestrol; tributyltin; neuropeptide Y; pro-opiomelanocortin; phytoestrogens; endocrine disruptor; dimorphism; obesity; kisspeptin; POMC; orexin; subfornical organ; organum vasculosum of the lamina terminalis; area postrema; hypothalamus; metabolism; diabetes; estrogens; gut permeability/integrity; insulin sensitivity; Akkermansia; gut microbiome; lactate; glycogen; metabolism; behavior; learning; astrocytes; calcium signaling; energy balance; gliotransmission; systemic metabolism; metabolism; amygdala; estrogens; neuropeptides; kisspeptins; food intake; energy balance; body weight; intrauterine growth restriction; macrosomia; glucose tolerance; abdominal adipocyte gene expression; thrifty phenotype hypothesis

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