Modelling of River Flows, Sediment and Contaminants Transport

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March 2022
152 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Modelling of River Flows, Sediment and Contaminants Transport that was published in

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This book presents five articles that are also part of a Special Issue titled: Modelling of River flows, Sediment and Contaminants Transport published in the Water Journal under the section: Water Erosion and Sediment Transport. It covers a wide range of topics, such as predicting the impacts of wildfires on sediment transport and water quality in a mountainous region and estimating the sediment erosion due to release of ice-jams in cold region rivers.

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Congo River Basin; Cuvette Centrale; erosion; sediment transport; sediment balance; SWAT; dam area of reservoirs; fine-grained sediment; fluid mud; gravity-driven flow; reservoir sedimentation; cohesive sediment; erosion; water supply; turbidity; gravel bed river; ingress; watershed management; source water protection; climate change adaptation; landscape disturbance; aquatic life; bank erosion; bed shear; ice jam; sediment pulse; suspended-sediment concentration; water quality; cohesive sediment transport; modelling; flocculation; critical shear stress; erosion; deposition; river systems; entrapment; n/a