Biological Treatment of Organic Waste in Wastewater—towards a Circular and Bio-Based Economy

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March 2022
106 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Biological Treatment of Organic Waste in Wastewater—towards a Circular and Bio-Based Economy that was published in

Biology & Life Sciences
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This Special Issue focused on innovative solutions for the biological treatment of organic waste from wastewater. In particular, research articles included in this SI are related to:

  • Process mechanisms and operation, optimization, monitoring, modeling, and applications;
  • Removal of pathogens and emerging pollutants;
  • Reuse and circular economy;
  • Resource recovery (e.g., nutrients recovery, high-value compounds) and energy valorization (e.g., biogas);
  • Life cycle assessment and carbon footprint;
  • Technoeconomic assessment and social perception of waste-to-resource processes;
  • Low-cost technologies;
  • Policy.

Overall, this SI provides new ways to valorize organic waste from wastewater and describe novel processes as well as the environmental and social benefits in the frame of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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synthetic microbial community; ammonium; heterotrophic nitrification; aerobic denitrification; livestock wastewater; anaerobic co-digestion; food wastes; waste-activated sludge; nano magnetite; iron oxide nano particles; nano zero valent iron; sewage sludge; nano particles; organic wastes; anaerobic digestion (AD); biogas; life cycle assessment (LCA); methane; waste activated sludge (WAS); wastewater treatment plant (WWTP); anaerobic digestion acceptance; structural equation model; energy policy; sustainable energy technology; rural development; mesophilic; thermophilic; temperature-phased anaerobic digestion (TPAD); dewaterability; sludge quality; sludge valorisation; n/a