Environmental Restoration of Metal-Contaminated Soils

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March 2022
118 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Environmental Restoration of Metal-Contaminated Soils that was published in

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This Special Issue entitled “Environmental Restoration of Metal-Contaminated Soils” focuses on the issues linked to soils contaminated with heavy metals and metalloids, dealing with current research activities around the world at the laboratory and field scale. These activities are the pillars for the application of strategies on a real-world scale, to remediate industrial soils affected by the problem. When an industrial soil contains pollutants, the main problem is the removal of these compounds. However, other features are present, linked to the health of the population living in its proximity. This Special Issue reports experimental run findings with the aim of removing heavy metals and/or metalloids from soil, making use of challenging techniques, and also demonstrating approaches for the assessment of the risks to human health.

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seedling biomass; heavy metals; soil amelioration; urban gardens; pollution; heavy metals; contaminated soil; amendment; edible plants; contaminated soil; metal; citric acid; EDTA; electrokinetic remediation; bioaccessibility; bioavailability; metals; contaminated sites; risk assessment; natural sorbents; ameliorants; disturbed lands; heavy metals; adsorption; recultivation; environmental remediation; revitalization; renaturation; restoration; rehabilitation; reclamation; heavy metals and metalloids; removal techniques; contaminated soil; hydrophobic; copper; microfluidics; pH change; remediation; n/a