Soil Water Erosion

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February 2022
294 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Soil Water Erosion that was published in

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The purpose of this book is to provide novel results related to soil water erosion that could help landowners and land-users, farmers, politicians, and other representatives of our global society to protect and, if possible, improve the quality and quantity of our precious soil resources. Published papers on the topics are related to new ways of mapping, maps with more detailed input data, maps about areas that have never been mapped before, sediment yield estimations, modelling sheets and gully erosion, USLE models, RUSLE models, dams which stop sediment runoff, sediment influx, solute transport, soil detachment capacities, badland morphology, freeze-thaw cycles, armed conflicts, use of rainfall simulators, rainfall erosivity, soil erodibility, etc.

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gully head-cuts; machine learning modeling; soil erosion; Iran; R-factor; soil erosion; USLE; rainfall intensity; modeling; radar climatology; RADKLIM; rain gauge; soil erosion; sediment flux; total soil loss; watershed characteristics; PCA analysis; RUSLE (Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation); WaTEM/SEDEM; Czech Republic; residential areas; loess; soil erosion; meltwater flow; runoff and sediment yield; hydraulic parameter; comparability; infiltration; rainfall simulation; runoff; soil erosion; soil erosion; RUSLE; land cover change; armed conflict; Northern Al-Kabeer river Syria; freeze-thaw cycles; loamy soil; soil property; soil detachment capacity; Loess Plateau; badlands; morphological changes; land use change; Emilia Apennines (Northern Italy); multiple-tracer experiments; precipitation amounts; preferential flow; solute transport; protection forest; irrigation; sediment; overland flow; soil loss; watershed; sediment connectivity; connection mode; connection degree; Loess Plateau; land management; gully geometry; dynamic erosion model; stable gully; area–slope approach; rainfall simulation; field measurement; water erosion model; USLE; event scale; RUSLE; soil erosion; sediment yield; Chenab river; remote sensing; GIS; n/a

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