Shallow Water Equations in Hydraulics: Modeling, Numerics and Applications

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February 2022
164 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Shallow Water Equations in Hydraulics: Modeling, Numerics and Applications that was published in

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This Special Issue aims to provide a forum for the latest advances in hydraulic modeling based on the use of shallow water and related models as well as their novel application in practical engineering. Original contributions, including those in but not limited to the following areas, will be considered for publication: new conceptual models and applications, flood inundation and routing, sediment transport and morphodynamic modelling, pollutant transport in water, irrigation and drainage modeling, numerical simulation in hydraulics, novel numerical methods for the shallow water equations and extended models, case studies, and high-performance computing.

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central-upwind; efficiency; finite volume; HLLC; modern hardware; Roe; shallow water equations; vectorization; fluvial process; bank vegetation; channel pattern; 2D numerical model; two-dimensional hydrodynamic model; local time stepping; unstructured grids; numerical simulation; computational efficiency; west coast of Korea (WCK); tidal elevation; open boundary condition; numerical modeling; TELEMAC-2D; hydraulic jump; Boussinesq equations; MacCormack; Dissipative two-four; method of specified intervals; shallow water; CasADi; fast computation; 1-D; reservoir model; numerical simulation; shallow water equations; PID regulation; shallow water equations; free surface flows; modeling; hydraulic engineering; computational methods; simulation