Interaction of Ionizing Photons with Atomic and Molecular Ions

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February 2022
188 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Interaction of Ionizing Photons with Atomic and Molecular Ions that was published in

Physical Sciences

The interaction of ionising radiation with atomic and/or molecular ions is a fundamental process in nature, with implications for the understanding of many laboratory and astrophysical plasmas. At short wavelengths, the photon–ion interactions lead to inner-shell and multiple electron excitations, leading to demands on appropriate laboratory developments of sources and detectors and requiring advanced theoretical treatments which take into account many-body electron-correlation effects.

This book includes a range of papers based on different short wavelength photon sources including recent facility and instrumental developments. Topics include experimental photoabsorption studies with laser-produced plasmas and photoionization of atomic and molecular ions with synchrotron and FEL sources, including modifications of a cylindrical mirror analyzer for high efficiency photoelectron spectroscopy on ion beams. Theoretical investigations include the effects of FEL fluctuations on autoionization line shapes, multiple sequential ionization by intense fs XUV pulses, photoelectron angular distributions for non-resonant two-photon ionization, inner-shell photodetachment of Na- and spin-polarized fluxes from fullerene anions.

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2s2p; Lithium-ion; auto-ionization; free electron laser; stochastic average; time dependent density matrix; photoionization; multiple ionization; many-electron processes; absolute cross sections; synchrotron radiation; collisional-radiative model; laser-produced plasma, ion distribution; ionization bottleneck; radiative recombination; collisional ioniztion; three-body recombination; photoionization; nonlinear photoionization; nonlinear interaction; Cooper minimum; angular distributions; atomic ions; photoionization; dual-laser plasma technique; photodetachment; inner-shell phenomena; photoionization; electron spectroscopy; ion beam; synchrotron radiation; spin-polarization; fullerene anions; endohedral fullerene anions; photodetachment; NH+; molecular ion; K-shell; merged-beam; Pb-Sn alloys; EUV emission of high Z materials; collisional radiative model; Cowan suite of Codes; photoionization; multiple ionization; ions; free-electron laser; krypton; femtosecond pulses; photoelectron spectroscopy; atomic data; inner-shell photoionization; atomic nitrogen ion; n/a