Selected Papers from “Theory of Hadronic Matter under Extreme Conditions”

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February 2022
148 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Selected Papers from “Theory of Hadronic Matter under Extreme Conditions” that was published in

Physical Sciences

The book is devoted to the discussion of modern aspects of the theory of hadronic matter under extreme conditions. It consists of 12 selected contributions to the second international workshop on this topic held in fall 2019 at JINR Dubna, Russia. Of particular value are the contributions to lattice gauge theory studies attacking the problem of simulating QCD at finite baryon densities, one of the major challenges at the present time in this field. Another unique aspect is provided by the discussion of puzzling effects that appear in the poduction of hadrons in nuclear collisions, like the horn in the K+/pi+ ratio, which are subject to hydrodynamic and reaction-kinetic modeling of these nonequilibrium phenomena.

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quantum chromodynamics; confinement; center vortex model; string tension; Gribov copy problem; chiral imbalance; chiral perturbation theory; linear sigma model; charged pion decay in chiral medium; local parity breaking; Glauber and Giessen Boltzmann–Uehling–Uhlenbeck (GiBUU) models; formation length; semiexclusive processes; ultraperipheral and central heavy ion collisions; n,p,π and Λ+Σ0 production; QCD phase diagram; non-zero baryon density; chiral imbalance; dualities; lattice QCD; isospin; BCS phase; lattice QCD; finite density; density of states techniques; xenon; heavy-ion collision; LHC; particle momentum spectrum; particle number ratio; PNJL model; Beth–Uhlenbeck; phase shift; “horn” effect; kinetic approaches to dense matter; quark-gluon plasma; collective flow; nucleosynthesis; supernova; magnetars; lattice QCD; baryon density; gluon propagator; screening mass; (2 + 1)-dimensional QED; dynamical chiral symmetry breaking; 1/N expansion; non-local gauge