Polyphenols for Cancer Treatment or Prevention

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January 2018
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Polyphenols for Cancer Treatment or Prevention that was published in

Medicine & Pharmacology
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malignant mesothelioma; inflammation; immune system; ROS and RNS; polyphenols; asbestos; green tea; EGCG; cancer; nanotechnology; nanochemoprevention; anti-cancer therapy; cuminaldehyde; antiproliferative; topoisomerase I; topoisomerase II; lysosomal vacuolation; xenograft; n/a; mangiferin; cancer; inflammation; NFκB; oxidative stress; cell cycle; combination therapy; nutraceuticals; bioavailability; hallmarks of cancer; quercitrin; acetaminophen; hepatoprotection; Nrf2/ARE; antioxidant; curcumin; natural compound; pancreatic cancer; therapy; Camellia sinensis; anticancer; antioxidant; signaling pathway; anti-proliferation; DNA methylation; metastasis; olive leaf; oleuropein; oxidative stress; inflammation; Mediterranean diet; Cyclooxygenase-2; polyphenol; flavonoid; anticancer; antioxidant; anti-inflammation; quercetin; cancer prevention; diet; bioavailability; DNA damage; polyphenols; polyphenols; breast cancer; human trials; polyphenols; tumor growth; metastasis; Matrigel invasion; anticancer properties; Herba Epimedii; icariin; icariside II; almond skin; food matrix; simulated human digestion; polyphenols; bioaccessibility; polyphenols; breast cancer; anti-cancer activity; autophagy; apoptosis; cancer stem cells; pancreatic cancer; resveratrol; AMPK; YAP; gemcitabine; Chinese bayberry; anthocyanin; SGC-7901 cell; tumor xenograft; KLF6 gene; Punica granatum juice; multiple myeloma; proliferation; angiogenesis; lignans; isoflavones; elder flower; breast cancer; trophoblast tumor; Citrus; cancer; flavonoids; nutraceuticals; functional foods; natural product; complementary and alternative medicines; cancer; resveratrol; curcumin; polyphenols; anticancer; rosemary extract; carnosic acid; rosmarinic acid; cancer; proliferation; survival; cell signaling; polyphenols; flavonoids; human studies; in vitro; in vivo; DNA damage; DNA protection; tea polyphenol; anticancer agent; synergistic anticancer activity; toxicology; pharmacokinetics; medulloblastoma; STAT3 signaling; STAT3 negative regulators; PIAS3; resveratrol

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