Recent Developments in Smart Healthcare

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January 2018
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smartphone; overdependence; telepsychiatry; monitoring system; meibomian gland; fuzzy c-means; rough sets; attribute reduction; pattern recognition; smart healthcare; user behaviors; anomaly detection; visual analytics; IoT; personal healthcare device; protocol conversion; remote monitoring; multiclass Q-learning algorithm; buddy-ACK authentication; process mining; emergency rooms; frequently-posed questions; methodology; compression; EMG; lossless; medical information system; pre-term birth; telemedicine; wireless; protein–protein interaction networks; protein function module; simplified swarm optimization; accelerometers; activity recognition; classification algorithms; design methodology; fall detection; healthcare; dead reckoning; thresholding; second heart sound; respiratory split; aortic component; pulmonary component; respiratory modulation; question answer matching; medical domain; question answering; answer selection; character embeddings; wireless body area network (WBAN); real-time monitoring; network coding; fault-tolerant; smart healthcare; malaria; climatic factors; machine learning; prediction; mobile application; structural equation modelling; partial least squares model; kidney exchange program; integer programming; reformulation-linearization technique; IT healthcare platform; word embedding; healthcare; classification; health data analytics; survey analysis; HCAHPS; hospital consumer assessment of healthcare providers and systems; unsupervised learning; autism spectrum disorder; virtual reality; avatars; social robots; depth sensors; affective computing; emotion recognition; joint attention; emotion recognition; EEG signal; multidimensional features; hybrid neural networks; CNN; LSTM RNN; authentication; key agreement; telecare medical information system; anonymity; un-traceability; wireless capsule endoscopy; feature selection; color space selection; statistical analysis; support vector machine; grid search; overlapping area; classification; n/a

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