Recent Advances and Future Trends in Nanophotonics

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January 2022
156 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Recent Advances and Future Trends in Nanophotonics that was published in

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Nanophotonics has emerged as a multidisciplinary frontier of science and engineering. Due to its high potential to contribute to breakthroughs in many areas of technology, nanophotonics is capturing the interest of many researchers from different fields.

This Special Issue of Applied Sciences on “Recent advances and future trends in nanophotonics” aims to give an overview on the latest developments in nanophotonics and its roles in different application domains. Topics of discussion include, but are not limited to, the exploration of new directions of nanophotonic science and technology that enable technological breakthroughs in high-impact areas mainly regarding diffraction elements, detection, imaging, spectroscopy, optical communications, and computing.

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guided-mode resonance; electromagnetically induced transparency; high quality factor; double spectral; refractive index sensor; digital holography; polarization sensitive imaging; birefringence; state of polarization (SoP); NIRS technology; spectroscopy; imaging; bioinstrumentation; near-infrared; four-wave mixing; nonlinear figure of merit; silicon-rich nitride; ridge waveguide; conversion bandwidth; integrated photonics; InP; magneto-optic; MZI; mode conversion; PMA; multi-layered thin film; magnetic memory; MOKE; Fourier transformation; analog optical computing; metamaterials; metasurfaces; quantum algorithm; edge detection; graphene; silicon; photodetectors; internal photoemission effect; near-infrared; stimulated Raman microscopy; pulsed source; laser pulse bandwidths; laser chirping; spectral resolution; diffractive elements; holography; photopolymer; holographic optical elements; volume gratings; compound optical elements; stacked gratings; n/a