Novel Strategies for the Development of Healthier Meat and Meat Products and Determination of Their Quality Characteristics

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January 2022
170 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Novel Strategies for the Development of Healthier Meat and Meat Products and Determination of Their Quality Characteristics that was published in

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Meat and meat products are in demand worldwide. However, new trends and innovations, driven by consumer interests and demands, have contributed to the development of healthier meat products, which are growing exponentially. Health is one of the main criteria for consumers when choosing the type of food they eat. This, along with more sustainable global production, changes in lifestyles, and nutritional ideologies among the population, has led to a growing demand in the market for healthier and more functional foods.

This Special Issue has collected nine original research articles and one editorial. This book collects all-new, relevant information on the different strategies for modifying meat and meat products to make them healthier and more sustainable and the different quality control methods for their control. With this information, we hope to shed more light on this important topic.

This SI will prove very useful and interesting to all those involved in the meat and meat product industry (livestock producers, processing companies, researchers, scientists, consumers, administration, etc.). Lastly, many of the studies featured in this SI leave the door open to future research in this area of growing interest, not only for the meat and meat product industry but for other foods as well.

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lipid oxidation; natural antioxidant; sensorial properties; textural parameters; phenolic compounds; microbial analysis; low fat; beeswax; cholesterol; saturated fatty acid (SFA); n-6/n-3; preference test; enoki mushroom; physicochemical properties; antioxidant activity; dietary fiber; goat meat nuggets quality; sensory characteristics; by-product valorisation; sunflower meal; healthier meat product; spectroscopy analysis; polyphenol profile; edible mushroom flour; Agaricus bisporus; Pleurotus ostreatus; healthier meat products; beef muscle; protein solubility; myofibril fragmentation; microstructure; aging; consumer acceptance; fatty acids; lipid oxidation; physicochemical attributes; sensory attributes; venison; fresh sausages; longanizas; grilling; chia and oat EGs; nutritional and health claims; technological properties; healthier meat products; lipid content; structured lipids; emulsion gels; oil bulking agent; vibrational spectroscopy; Raman spectroscopy; infrared spectroscopy; technological properties; marine algae; lambs; performance; meat quality; Opuntia ficus-indica; Myrciaria cauliflora; Vitis sp.; microbiological stability; sensory properties; cleaner label; n/a