Molecular and Cellular Advances in Endometriosis Research

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January 2022
174 pages
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Endometriosis is defined as the presence of endometrial-like endometrial cells, glands, and stroma outside the uterus, causing a strong inflammatory-like microenvironment in the affected tissue. The exact prevalence of endometriosis is unknown, but estimates range from 2%–10% of women of reproductive age to 50% of infertile women. The etiopathogenesis of endometriosis remains controversial—immune, hormonal, genetic, and epigenetic factors may all be involved, and several theories have been proposed to explain it.This book aims to summarize some of the most recent advancements in basic and translational science (immunology, cell biology, genetics, and epigenetics) in the field of endometriosis that may create new scenarios and change our perspective of the topic.

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endometriosis; epigenetics; EZH2; microRNA; endometriosis; inflammation mediators; annexin A1; Lipoxin A4; receptors; Lipoxin; Resolvin; review; ovarian cancer; endometriosis; BMI-1; epithelial tumor cells; stroma; endometriosis; peritoneal fluid; cytokines; chemokines; Th1 cells; Th2 cells; Treg cells; Th17 cells; endometriosis; long noncoding RNAs; lncRNAs; epithelial to mesenchymal transition; EMT; proliferation; migration; cytoskeleton; endometriosis; dapsone; DDS-NHOH; red blood cell; glycyrrhetinic acid; endometriosis; endometrial cancer; ovarian cancer; molecular basis of endometriosis; endometriosis; human disease; noncoding RNA (ncRNA); long noncoding RNA (lncRNA); circular lncRNA (circRNA); endometriosis; long non-coding RNAs; lncRNAs; sponging; ceRNA; chromatin; chronic pain; endometriosis; neurogenic inflammation; neuroimmune modulation; nerve signalling; peripheral nerve; inflammation; non-hormonal treatment