Natural Medicine in Therapy

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January 2022
350 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Natural Medicine in Therapy that was published in

Biology & Life Sciences
Medicine & Pharmacology

Enter For a long time, natural medicine has been used as a therapeutic therapy based on generations of indigenous practices. Today the rise in natural remedies has been largely driven by public demand and billions of dollars are spent annually on herbal medicines. It is therefore important to document the effectiveness of natural medicine, its potential side effects, and potential interactions.

  • Hardback
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Piper sylvaticum; anxiolytic; antioxidant; molecular docking; phytochemistry; Stevia serrata; essential oil; inflammation; antinociception; pain; Alzheimer’s disease; cognitive function; streptozotocin; Orthosiphon stamineus; oxidative stress; terpenoids; invasomes; thymol; menthol; camphor; cineol; S. aureus; E. coli; bactericidal; Aristolochia trilobata; sulcatyl acetate; antinociceptive effect; anti-inflammatory activity; Rhamnus triquetra; NiONPs; cytotoxicity; biocompatibility; antimicrobial; enzyme inhibition; Coriolus versicolor; Trametes; cancer; polysaccharides; PSP; PSK; immunostimulation; adjuvant therapy; isoquercitrin; cardiovascular anaphylaxis; rats; guinea pigs; histamine; β-Caryophyllene; CB2 receptors; inflammation; oral mucositis; periodontitis; ergosterol; cyclin D1; androgen receptor; 5α-reductase; bladder cancer; hemocyanin; snail Rapana venosa; snail Helix lucorum; snail Helix aspersa; antitumor activity; colorectal adenocarcinoma; apoptosis; resveratrol; transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-β); chronic diseases; fibrosis; cancer; diabetes; therapy; natural antimicrobial; antimicrobial resistance; polyphenols; future medicine; natural origin; antibacterial compound; phytochemicals; dental diseases; periodontitis; luteolin; flavonoids; lipopolysaccharide; anti-inflammatory; autophagy; cancer; phytochemical; natural compound; treatment; Centella asiatica L.; Curcuma longa L.; Bdnf; mTOR; protein synthesis; neuroplasticity; botanicals; Withaferin A; anticancer; autophagy; chaperone; cisplatin; coffee; kahweol; acute kidney injury; oxidative stress; apoptosis; necroptosis; inflammation; plumericin; inflammatory bowel disease; intestinal epithelial cells; experimental colitis; intestinal barrier; apoptosis; flavonoids; cellular stress response; neurodegenerative disorders; ER stress proteotoxicity; oxidative stress; neuroinflammation; n/a

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