Solid Dispersions for Drug Delivery: Applications and Preparation Methods

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January 2022
244 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Solid Dispersions for Drug Delivery: Applications and Preparation Methods that was published in

Biology & Life Sciences
Chemistry & Materials Science
Medicine & Pharmacology

Since their first application in the improvement of solubility of orally delivered drugs, applications of solid dispersions have considerably expanded to include cancer, infections, and inflammatory conditions. This book presents recent advancements in the development and use of solid dispersions for different therapeutic applications. This book can be particularly useful for researchers as well as postgraduate students in formulation sciences and drug delivery. Undergraduate students will also find elements of this book very relevant to scientific fundamentals such as solubility and crystallization of amorphous materials as well as drug delivery challenges.

  • Hardback
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solid dispersions; drug delivery; biological applications; solid dispersion; delivery system; polymeric carriers; antichagasic activity; fexofenadine hydrochloride; PEG 20,000; poloxamer188; dissolution; absorption; green nanotechnology; raloxifene; nanoemulsion; core-sheath nanofibers; response surface methodology; ex vivo drug permeation; in vivo pharmacokinetic studies; acalabrutinib; amorphous solid dispersion; acid-reducing agent; bioavailability enhancement; kinase inhibitor; pH effect; proton pump inhibitor; spray drying; solid dispersions; hydrogen bonding; hydrophobicity; poly(N-vinyl pyrrolidone); poly(2-oxazolines); crystallinity; hydrophobic drug; amorphous; ibuprofen; amorphous solid dispersion; drug-rich phase; liquid-liquid phase separation; permeability enhancement; bioavailability enhancement; cocrystals; coamorphous; solubility; dry powder inhalers; pulmonary drug delivery; acalabrutinib; amorphous solid dispersion; bioavailability enhancement; acid reducing agent; proton pump inhibitor; kinase inhibitor; in silico prediction; absorption modeling; spray drying; GastroPlus; paroxetine; nanosuspension; oral fast dissolving film; factorial design; rapid release; ex vivo permeation; bioavailability; n/a; self-nanoemulsifying tablets; nanoemulsion; full factorial design; sertraline; pharmacokinetics; bioavailability

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