Virulence Factors and Antibiotic Resistance of Enterobacterales

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January 2022
130 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Virulence Factors and Antibiotic Resistance of Enterobacterales that was published in

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This book compiles research on Enterobacterales characterization concerning the presence of genes associated with virulence (adhesins; surface cellulose structures and curli; siderophores, e.g., enterobactin, aerobactin, and yersiniabactin; protectines; invasins or toxins), and, furthermore, bacterial-biofilm-associated phenotypes. Although not directly involved in pathogenicity, the acquisition of multiple antibiotic resistances strongly supports the success of opportunistic Enterobacterales pathogens in invasion, survival, and spread and markedly complicates the treatment of infections. Not only pathogens, but also commensal bacteria, considered harmless and part of the normal microbiota, are exposed to selection pressure and can be a reservoir of mobile genetic elements carrying antibiotic resistance genes. Therefore, the occurrence of drug-resistant bacteria within a commensal population and the possibility to exchange genetic material through horizontal gene transfer may represent a major health concern.

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E. coli; dogs; antimicrobial resistance; biofilm; phylogenetic groups; Escherichia coli; β-lactamase; plasmid; CTX-M-1; IncI1-ST3; ExPEC; STEC; pathogenic potential; phylogenetic grouping; PCR; Escherichia coli; K1 antigen; virulence; maternal-fetal infection; antibiotic susceptibility testing; resistance to antimicrobial agents; ompF; Cronobacter sakazakii; LPS; biofilm formation; adhesion/invasion; Klebsiella; rpoB; virulence; siderophores; biofilms; antibiotic resistance; bacteriocins; urinary tract infection; UPEC morphotypes; UPEC virulence; Salmonella enterica; CRISPR-Cas9; sdiA; ssaV; virulence; pathogenesis; sepsis; T-lymphocyte; cell morphology; digital holographic microscopy

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