Energy Harvesters and Self-powered Sensors for Smart Electronics

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December 2021
140 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Energy Harvesters and Self-powered Sensors for Smart Electronics that was published in

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This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue “Energy Harvesters and Self-Powered Sensors for Smart Electronics” that was published in Micromachines, which showcases the rapid development of various energy harvesting technologies and novel devices. In the current 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) era, energy demand for numerous and widely distributed IoT nodes has greatly driven the innovation of various energy harvesting technologies, providing key functionalities as energy harvesters (i.e., sustainable power supplies) and/or self-powered sensors for diverse IoT systems. Accordingly, this book includes one editorial and nine research articles to explore different aspects of energy harvesting technologies such as electromagnetic energy harvesters, piezoelectric energy harvesters, and hybrid energy harvesters. The mechanism design, structural optimization, performance improvement, and a wide range of energy harvesting and self-powered monitoring applications have been involved. This book can serve as a guidance for researchers and students who would like to know more about the device design, optimization, and applications of different energy harvesting technologies.

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energy harvesting; vibration; broadband; resonant frequency; piezoelectric vibration energy harvester; low frequency; wideband; modeling; energy harvester; temperature threshold; piezoelectricity; vibrational cantilever; bimetallic effect; piezoelectric; energy harvester; optimization; pattern search; FEM; PZT; piezoelectric; electromagnetic; hybrid energy harvester; power density improvement; piezoelectric energy harvester; tandem; energy harvesting; vortex-induced vibration; flowing water; vibration energy harvesting; electromagnetic generator (EMG); nonlinear; magnetic coupling; wideband; high performance; diamagnetically stabilized levitation; Taguchi method; stable levitation; maximum gap; vibration energy harvesting; electromagnetic energy harvester; magnetic coupling; human body kinetic energy; n/a