Spatial Audio

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November 2017
208 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Spatial Audio that was published in

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sound field reproduction; higher-order ambisonics (HOA); evaluation of reproduction performance; beamforming power; loudspeaker arrays; vertical interchannel crosstalk; 3D; psychoacoustics; microphone technique; audio; reproduction; image rendering; objective evaluation; stereo upmix; spatial audio; quality measure; audio systems; digital filters; digital signal processing; room acoustics; spatial audio; binaural recording; binaural rendering; soundfield recording; soundfield reproduction; multi-zone reproduction; intensity-based stereo-recording; convex optimization; superdirective beamformer; white noise gain; logarithmic array design; spatial audio; interactive auralization; plane wave expansion; inverse method; finite element method; inverse problems; Tikhonov regularization; compressive sensing (CS); convex optimization (CVX); focal underdetermined system solver (FOCUSS); steepest descent (SD); Newton’s method (NT); conjugate gradient (CG); golden section search (GSS); soundscape; spatial audio; recording; reproduction; virtual reality; augmented reality; icosahedral loudspeaker; variable-directivity source; auditory distance; D/R ratio; apparent source width; n/a; n/a