Heat Treatment of Steels

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December 2021
236 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Heat Treatment of Steels that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science

Steels represent a quite interesting material family, both from scientific and commercial points of view, following many applications they can be devoted to. Following this, it is therefore essential to deeply understand the relations between properties and microstructure and how to drive them via a specific process. Despite their diffusion as a consolidated material, many research fields are active regarding new applications. In this framework, in particular, the role of heat treatments in obtaining complex microstructures is still quite an open matter, which is also thanks to the design of innovative heat treatments.This Special Issue embraces interdisciplinary work covering physical metallurgy and processes, reporting on experimental and theoretical progress concerning microstructural evolution during the heat treatment of steels.

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nitriding; nitrocarburizing; two-stage treatment; process design; compound layer; white layer; nitriding hardness depth; steel-clad plate; element diffusion; microstructure; mechanical properties; high speed steel; vacuum heat treatment; microstructure; plane strain fracture toughness; residual stress; creep; stress relief; welded rotor; forged steels; microstructure; high-Cr steel; austempering; high silicon steel; retained austenite; mechanical properties; pearlitic steel wire; elongation to failure; torsion; reduction of area; annealing; low density steels; forging; kappa carbide; FeCMnAl; steel; martensitic steel; ε-carbide; tempering; hydrogen embrittlement; mechanical strength; inoculant; materials design; gear steel; AlN precipitate; carburization; austenite grain size; Zener pinning; precipitation criterion; boiling curve; quenching severity; boiling and quenching heat transfer; metal quenching heat flow; austempering; ultrafast heating annealing; thermo-cycling annealing; ultra-high strength steel; auto-tempering; martensite; hole expansion ratio; flash heating; QP; retained austenite; low carbon steel; n/a

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