Nondestructive Testing (NDT)

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November 2021
265 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Nondestructive Testing (NDT) that was published in

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The aim of this book is to collect the newest contributions by eminent authors in the field of NDT-SHM, both at the material and structure scale. It therefore provides novel insight at experimental and numerical levels on the application of NDT to a wide variety of materials (concrete, steel, masonry, composites, etc.) in the field of Civil Engineering and Architecture.
  • Hardback
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pulsed eddy current; ferromagnetic sample; conductivity; permeability; non-destructive test; impact-echo method; tunnel void; experimental model; numerical simulation; signal analysis; transfer learning; spectrogram analysis; selecting samples; non-destructive testing; hammering sound; regression algorithm; Lamb wave; microcracks testing; multi-channel detection; signal-to-noise ratio; thin-walled tube; damage detection; cepstral analysis; Structural Health Monitoring; Machine Learning; Teager-Kaiser Energy; gammatone filter; acoustic emission; melting ice; aviation; fuel system; acoustoelastic effect; stress estimation; surface waves; weak anisotropy material; damage detection; damage assessment; smart sensor; magnetoelastic strip; 3D printing; additive manufacturing; stress-strain relation; nondestructive testing; optical-radiation; photoacoustic; photothermal; acoustic emission; acoustic energy; acoustic counts; CFRP; single lap joint; joggled lap joints; fractography; classical acoustic nonlinearity; constitutive behavior; ultrasonic testing; existing buildings; seismic vulnerability assessment; non-invasive experimental technics; BIM models; non-destructive techniques (NDT); historical buildings; maintenance; stone columns; ultrasonic test; impact test; non-destructive testing; concrete; impact-echo; elastic wave; SIBIE; 3D visualization; accelerometer; laser doppler vibrometer; remote sensing; reinforced concrete; four-point bending test; structural health monitoring; nondestructive testing techniques; fiber optic sensors; acoustic emission monitoring; digital image correlation