Advances in Food Processing (Food Preservation, Food Safety, Quality and Manufacturing Processes)

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September 2021
234 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Advances in Food Processing (Food Preservation, Food Safety, Quality and Manufacturing Processes) that was published in

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This reprint aims to compile advances in the area of food manufacturing including packaging to address issues of food safety, quality, fraud, and how these processes (new or old) could affect the organoleptic characteristics of foods, with the aim to promote consumers’ satisfaction. Moreover, food supply issues are explored. New and improved technologies are employed in the area of food manufacturing to address consumer needs in terms of quality and safety. The issues of research and development should be taken into account seriously before launching a new product onto the market. Finally, food fraud and authenticity are very important issues, and the food industry should focus on addressing them.

  • Hardback
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redox potential; color transfer; beef juice; beef meat; eugenol; encapsulation; whey protein–maltodextrin conjugates; chitosan; olive oil; cv. Lianolia Kerkyras; cv. Koroneiki; fatty acid methyl esters; sterols; authenticity; quality; LAB; Bifidobacterium; BLS; fruits; vegetables; Oregano honey; costeño-type cheese; sodium chloride; texture; rheology; microstructure.; boba milk tea; calcium alginate ball; preparation method; shelf life; inventory; new retailing; baking industrial; food supply chain coordination; Two-stage production system; corporate social responsibility; supply chain; dairy industry; social charity; Vietnam; dry; efficiency; energy; kiwifruit; quality; ultrasound; edible coating; nanoemulsion; guaiacol peroxidase; shelf life; anthocyanins; phenylalanine ammonia-lyase; chub mackerel; smoking treatment; sensory analysis; physiochemical characteristics; microbiological quality; biochemical analysis; HMR; pen shell; squid meat; superheated steam; high-frequency defrosting; edible coating; cassava chips; physicochemical properties; MALDI-TOF; applications; food; fraud; adulteration; quality; n/a