The Acquisition of French as a Second Language

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September 2021
244 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue The Acquisition of French as a Second Language that was published in

Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities

Focusing on French, this collection of articles spans different facets of second language acquisition research, including different areas of a learner’s language system in French such as the development of verbal, nominal, and adjectival morphology. Other articles explore input matters relating to the learner’s language exposure as well as the role of individual factors in the learner’s developmental trajectory. The studies presented offer insight into contemporary developments in relation to the investigation of both well-established and newer emerging themes and issues in second language acquisition research and showcase the contributions of French in such work. They draw on different approaches and methods to offer an exploration of contemporary areas of focus in French second language acquisition among learners of different source languages, at different levels of development, and in different learning contexts.

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tense; aspect; mood; modality; L2 French; Interface hypothesis; longitudinal study; study abroad; proficiency; self-perceived proficiency; linguistic gains; French; L2 acquisition; verb morphology; subject–verb agreement; number; transfer; cross-linguistic influence; collocation; frequency; MI score; Log Dice; French; stay abroad; instructional practices; proficiency outcomes; French as a second language; CEFR; DELF; action-oriented instruction; task-based language teaching; aller + V; SLA; spatial reference; tense; aspect; modality; discursive function; French L2 acquisition; addition; scope particles; German L1; syntactic embedding; prosody; discourse cohesion; vocabulary depth; L3 French; vocabulary knowledge; spelling; form-meaning; word parts; migration; L2 French; adult SLA; high performance; individual factors; input; SLA; French; morphosyntax; frequency; usage-based approaches; motivation; LOTEs; French as a foreign language; ideal self; intervention; noun phrase; determiner system; French L2; beginning stages in L2; ESF corpus; Spanish L1; Moroccan Arabic L1; L2 learner productions; Basic Variety; learner varieties; n/a