Micro-Electro Discharge Machining: Principles, Recent Advancements and Applications

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September 2021
212 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Micro-Electro Discharge Machining: Principles, Recent Advancements and Applications that was published in

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Micro electrical discharge machining (micro-EDM) is a thermo-electric and contactless process most suited for micro-manufacturing and high-precision machining, especially when difficult-to-cut materials, such as super alloys, composites, and electro conductive ceramics, are processed. Many industrial domains exploit this technology to fabricate highly demanding components, such as high-aspect-ratio micro holes for fuel injectors, high-precision molds, and biomedical parts.Moreover, the continuous trend towards miniaturization and high precision functional components boosted the development of control strategies and optimization methodologies specifically suited to address the challenges in micro- and nano-scale fabrication.This Special Issue showcases 12 research papers and a review article focusing on novel methodological developments on several aspects of micro electrical discharge machining: machinability studies of hard materials (TiNi shape memory alloys, Si3N4–TiN ceramic composite, ZrB2-based ceramics reinforced with SiC fibers and whiskers, tungsten-cemented carbide, Ti-6Al-4V alloy, duplex stainless steel, and cubic boron nitride), process optimization adopting different dielectrics or electrodes, characterization of mechanical performance of processed surface, process analysis, and optimization via discharge pulse-type discrimination, hybrid processes, fabrication of molds for inflatable soft microactuators, and implementation of low-cost desktop micro-EDM system.

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electrodischarge micromachining; drilling; cubic boron nitride; foil queue microelectrode; micro-EDM; step effect; tapered structure; wire electrical discharge grinding (WEDG); micromoulding; soft microrobotics; electrical discharge machining (EDM); Tungsten cemented carbide (WC-Co); desktop micro-electrical discharge machining (micro-EDM) system; cut-side micro-tool; micro-holes; EDM; SR; TWR; PMEDM; MRR; electro-discharge treatment; Ti-6Al-4V; MWCNTs; surface characterization; wear resistance; corrosion resistance; micro-EDM; composite 3D microelectrode; diffusion bonding; step; 3D microstructure; material processing; DSS-2205 alloy; electric-discharge machining; surface integrity; wear resistance; surface wettability; ceramic composite; micro-EDM milling; pulse discrimination; Micro-electro-discharge machining (μEDM); liquid-metal electrode; Galinstan; micro-EDM; Zirconium Boride; silicon carbide fibers; silicon carbide whiskers; advanced material; micro-EDM; TiNi shape memory alloy; TiC powder; surface modification; microhardness; electrochemical discharge machining; laser machining; glass; micro-groove; n/a