Cell Signaling in Model Plants

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September 2021
278 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Cell Signaling in Model Plants that was published in

Biology & Life Sciences
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This book provides new and in-depth insights into molecular aspects of plant cell signaling in response to biotic, such as aphid- and grey mold disease-resistance, and abiotic stresses, such as soil salinity and drought stress, and additionally, functional analysis on signaling components involved in flowering, juvenility, GA signaling, and biosynthesis, and miRNA-regulated gene expression. Furthermore, plant acclimation was reported, with emphasis on mechanistic insights into the roles of brassinosteroids, cyclic AMP, and hydrogen sulfide, and the recent advances of transmembrane receptor-like kinases were refined. Clearly, plant cell signaling is an intensive topic and whether it is now or in the future, the emerging technology in functional analysis such as genome editing technologies, high-throughput technologies, integrative multiple-omics as well as bioinformatics can assist researchers to reveal novel aspects of the regulatory mechanisms of plant growth and development, and acclimation to environmental and biotic stresses. The achievement of such research will be useful in improving crop stress tolerances to increase agricultural productivity and sustainability for the food supply of the world.

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salinity; selenium (Se); crops; reactive oxygen species (ROS); enzymatic anti-oxidative system; drought; GA; DELLA; ABF2; protein–protein interaction; Arabidopsis; endocytosis; microRNAs; miPEPs; peptides; Arabidopsis; development; kinase; receptor; stress; tobacco; calcium; calcite; reactive oxygen species; ion channels; cellular signalization; brassinosteroids; receptor-like kinases; GSK3-like kinases; somatic embryogenesis receptor-like kinases; protein phosphatases; Malus domestica; Rosaceae; juvenility; FLOWERING LOCUS C; flowering; Hydrogen sulfide; reactive oxygen species; S-sulfhydration; plant hormone; gasotransmitter; disease resistance; plant defense; herbivore; phytohormone; plant biotic stress; plant signalling; Medicago truncatula; abiotic stress; cAMP; cyclic nucleotides-gated channels; plant innate immunity; Botrytis cinerea; tomato; iprodione; mutant; transcriptome analysis; metabolism; catalytic activity; dwarfism; gene cloning; MNP1; CPS; Medicago truncatula; ABA signaling; brassinosteroid signaling cascade; drought tolerance; priming; stress adaptation; stress memory; CRISPR/Cas9; GA; DELLA/TVHYNP; Dwarf; GA20OX2; GA signaling; n/a; n/a

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