New Challenges in Wood and Wood-Based Materials

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August 2021
167 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue New Challenges in Wood and Wood-Based Materials that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science

This Special Issue of Polymers is a collection of 11 original high-quality scientific contributions on basic and applied research in the field of wood science and technology, and provides good examples of the recent challenges related to the production and application of wood and wood-based materials. The Special Issue includes individual papers concerned with the enhancement of the performance and technological properties of wood composites, above all plywood, as well as with the ignition and combustion of wood and wood composites in monitoring and evaluating these processes on state-of-the-art equipment, and monitoring chemical changes in wood and wood adhesives and composites. The topic of the Special Issue has clearly resonated with the world’s scientific community and the responses have come from traditionally strong wood research centers in Europe and Asia.

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plywood; veneer 3D moldability; natural fiber reinforcement; wood–plastic composite (WPC); silicone; mechanical properties; cytotoxicity; casting; ageing; veneer; laser-cut; additive manufacturing; wood composite; birch plywood; molecular weight; phenol-formaldehyde resin; soft-rot; weathering stability; wood-based panels; high-density fiberboards; bio-adhesives; ammonium lignosulfonate; zero-formaldehyde emission; tropical wood; non-isothermal thermogravimetry; deconvolution of thermogravimetry runs; cone calorimetry testing; heat-release rate; OSB; heat flux density; ignition time; weight loss; meranti; padauk; merbau; thermal treatment; wood lignin; eco-panel; small ignition initiator; straw; relative burning rate; weight loss; fire properties; spruce wood; cellulose; hemicelluloses; lignin; extractives; time of storage; fiber characteristics; torrefied wood; fuel; combustion; heat release rate; n/a