PV Charging and Storage for Electric Vehicles

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August 2021
170 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue PV Charging and Storage for Electric Vehicles that was published in

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Electric vehicles are only ‘green’ as long as the source of electricity is ‘green’ as well. At the same time, renewable power production suffers from diurnal and seasonal variations, creating the need for energy storage technology. Moreover, overloading and voltage problems are expected in the distributed network due to the high penetration of distributed generation and increased power demand from the charging of electric vehicles. The energy and mobility transition hence calls for novel technological innovations in the field of sustainable electric mobility powered from renewable energy. This Special Issue focuses on recent advances in technology for PV charging and storage for electric vehicles.

  • Hardback
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electric vehicle; demand forecasting; peak shaving; smart charging; robust optimization; Energy management and control; particle swarm optimization (PSO); hybrid AC/DC microgrid; electric vehicle charging and discharging control; artificial physics optimization (APO); smart charging; electric vehicle; vehicle to grid; V2G; battery degradation; Li-ion; real-time; moving horizon window; battery charger; electric bike; electric vehicle; photovoltaic system; power converter; wireless power transfer; plug-in electric vehicle; energy management system; renewable energy; vehicle-to-grid; life cycle assessment; CO2 emissions; photovoltaic systems; electric vehicles; VIPV; electric vehicle; vehicle-to-grid; cost–benefit analysis