Application of Wood Composites

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August 2021
238 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Application of Wood Composites that was published in

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This Special Issue "Application of Wood Composites" addresses various aspects of these important wood materials’ use. Topics include the mechanical processing of wood composites, including their cutting, milling, or sanding, incorporating current analysis of wood dust or grain size measurements and the composition of particles; scientific views on the influence of various adhesives in the creation process of wood composites and the analysis of their behavior in contact with various wood elements under different conditions; the analysis of input raw materials forming wood composites, including various wood species, but also non-wood lignocellulosic raw materials; and, last but not least, the analysis of bark, which in recent years has become an important and promising raw material involved in the construction of wood composites. The study of the development of the sliding table saw also suitably complements this Special Issue.

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bark; bonding; partial liquefaction; MUF adhesives; water vapor sorption; thickness swelling; wood-based panels; chestnut; decay; defect; density; knot; roughness; surface; texture; quality; veneer; hazelnut; walnut; shells; lignocellulosic composites; UF; PUR; formaldehyde content; oriented strand boards (OSBs); fast-growing species, modulus of rupture (MOR); modulus of elasticity (MOE); internal bond (IB); swelling (S); water absorption (A); biobased resins; formaldehyde emission; minerals; wollastonite; wood composite panels; sliding table saw; spindle; critical rotational speed; static stiffness; dynamic properties; noise; sawing of wood composites; wood composites; recycled fibres; bioadhesives; magnesium lignosulfonate; corner joints; bending strength capacity; birch wood; chips; wood composites; granulometric composition of sawdust and chips; air handling; ecological filtration; tropical wood dust; granulometric sieve analysis; morphology shape of particles; temperature of ignition; laser cutting; wood; wood composites; cutting parameters; wood dust; sanding; sandpaper; particle-size distribution; acetylation; wood fiber; strength; stiffness; internal bonding strength; thickness swelling; regression; finite element analysis; alien plants; wood plastic composite; flexural strength; tensile strength; swelling; dimension stability; scanning electron microscopy; hardwoods; extractives; pH value; roughness; wettability; PVAc adhesive; adhesion strength; particleboard; three-layer particleboard; cup plant; TOF-SIMS; biomass; bioresources; softwood; hardwood; sanding; belt sander; sandpaper; abrasion; beech; oak; ash; hornbeam; alder; walnut; pine; spruce; larch; n/a