Smart Sensors for Healthcare and Medical Applications

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August 2021
432 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Smart Sensors for Healthcare and Medical Applications that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Environmental & Earth Sciences

This book focuses on new sensing technologies, measurement techniques, and their applications in medicine and healthcare. Specifically, the book briefly describes the potential of smart sensors in the aforementioned applications, collecting 24 articles selected and published in the Special Issue “Smart Sensors for Healthcare and Medical Applications”. We proposed this topic, being aware of the pivotal role that smart sensors can play in the improvement of healthcare services in both acute and chronic conditions as well as in prevention for a healthy life and active aging. The articles selected in this book cover a variety of topics related to the design, validation, and application of smart sensors to healthcare.

  • Hardback
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radiation-induced current; dosimetry; photodiodes; phototransistors (MOSFETs); photovoltaic sensor; CCD/CMOS; cancer nodules detection; phantom; stiffness analysis; ultrasound analysis; visual analysis; automatic robotic platform; remote support for pathologists; gait analysis; gait correction; electrostatic gait signal; improved Detrended Cross-Correlation Analysis cross-correlation coefficient; measuring system; measurements; contactless; respiratory rate; breathing pattern; ECG electrode swaps; ECG electrode potentials; WCT potential change; reconstructing correct ECG leads; MSMinv transformation; unicolor limb–chest electrodes; torsional wave; cervix; pregnancy; cervical stiffness; fiber Bragg gratings; smart textiles; wearable systems; cardiac monitoring; respiratory monitoring; precision sports; archery; body pressure distribution; air-filled cell; alternating pressure air mattress; time of flight; air flow; active control system; mobile EEG recordings; montage-replaceable headsets; BCI; fiber Bragg grating; plastic optical fiber; non-invasive measurement; pulse wave signals; blood pressure; partial least squares regression; people counting; bi-directional; motion detection; time of flight sensor; force myography; prosthetic fitting; regression; calibration; error reduction; linear regression; random forest; general regression neural network; cross-talk; force sensitive resistor; MRI; EMG; graph theory; electrical network; muscle activity; forearm; COPD; oxygen concentrator; oxygen therapy; automatic oxygen concentrator; physical activity; machine learning; respiratory medicine; portable oxygen concentrator; oxygen delivery; cerebral palsy; game-based rehabilitation exercises; computerized assessment methods; motion tracking sensors; Kinect sensor; EEG; PPG; EMG; epilepsy; signal processing; brain monitoring; artificial neural network; predictive analysis; dietary monitoring; healthcare; ring-type biosensor; personalized digital medicine; frailty syndrome; sit-to-stand; 30-s chair stand test; wearable sensors; signal processing; fetal movement simulator; fetal movement monitor; maternal abdomen model; acoustic sensor; accelerometer; piezoelectric diaphragm; fiber Bragg grating sensors (FBGs); functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI); grasping actions detection; motor assessment; MR-compatible measuring systems; abdominal movement signal; hypopnea; LSTM-RNN; neural network; oxygen saturation; sleep apnea syndrome; sleep–wake detection; synchrosqueezing transform; triaxial accelerometer; thoracic movement signal; multiple sclerosis; gait analysis; kinematics; surface EMG; accelerator; inertial sensor; T10MW; markerless motion capture; automatic pushing analysis; SCI patients; RGB-D sensors; respiration monitoring; non-contact monitoring; body movements detection; thermal imaging; natural sleep environments; n/a