Advanced Topics in Systems Safety and Security

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June 2021
130 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Advanced Topics in Systems Safety and Security that was published in

Computer Science & Mathematics
This book presents valuable research results in the challenging field of systems (cyber)security.  It is a reprint of the Information (MDPI, Basel) - Special Issue (SI) on Advanced Topics in Systems Safety and Security. The competitive review process of MDPI journals guarantees the quality of the presented concepts and results. The SI comprises high-quality papers focused on cutting-edge research topics in cybersecurity of computer networks and industrial control systems. The contributions presented in this book are mainly the extended versions of selected papers presented at the 7th and the 8th editions of the International Workshop on Systems Safety and Security—IWSSS. These two editions took place in Romania in 2019 and respectively in 2020. In addition to the selected papers from IWSSS, the special issue includes other valuable and relevant contributions. The papers included in this reprint discuss various subjects ranging from cyberattack or criminal activities detection, evaluation of the attacker skills, modeling of the cyber-attacks, and mobile application security evaluation. Given this diversity of topics and the scientific level of papers, we consider this book a valuable reference for researchers in the security and safety of systems.
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industrial control safety; attack quantification; common vulnerability scoring system; attack tree; distribution automation system; Command and Control Citizen Security Center; Command and Control Information System (C2IS); crime detection; homeland security; Android applications; multi-threading; operational semantics; reverse engineering; Smali+; cyber attack; attacker; attacker profile; attacker behaviour; metrics; features; attributes; intelligent data analysis; attack forecasting; comparative review; alert correlation; attack evaluation; attacker skill level; cyber attack; attack prediction; attack projection; early-stage detection; Bayesian network